This is Plainrock124's Vlog Channel! I promise not to Vlog everyday, I only will Vlog interesting events in my life! If I don't post a video in a long time, it's because nothing is happening in my life at that time. I hope you have a great time here.

Laptop: 2019 MacBook Pro 16"
Editing Software: Final Cut Pro
Photo Manipulation Software: Pixelmator
Main Camera: Canon EOS RP
Main Camera Microphone: RODE Video Mic Pro Plus w/Rode DeadCat VMPR+
Vlog Camera/Secondary Camera: iPhone 11 Pro
Slo-Mo Camera/Underwater Camera: iPhone 11 Pro


  • Shreyas Jadhav
    Shreyas Jadhav

    plz make playing microsoft flight sim

  • shery games
    shery games

    pls gave me pls can i have them

  • Alessandro Fernandez
    Alessandro Fernandez

    Figurines of Mario Spot Superstar

  • Mak Nani
    Mak Nani


  • Cagolo

    I think... THINK, He Might.. MIGHT! Have alot of Nintendo Stuff.

  • Joe Mayman
    Joe Mayman

    Bruh this video looks like it was filmed on an ipod

  • GMD Emre 346
    GMD Emre 346

    The things in board smashing see you as Painwock won too for

  • LB36 & LondonBus283
    LB36 & LondonBus283

    Bruh ur so funny bruv

  • Elizabeth Molina
    Elizabeth Molina

    They don't know ge about

  • Kitten Playz
    Kitten Playz

    The appetizing smell is manure. Fish poo is the worst if you ask me. 8 years on the agricultural land reserve, you get used to it:)

  • Captain Doggo
    Captain Doggo

    6:15 look at the girls reaction

  • Jim Terry
    Jim Terry

    King: hope there isn't going to be tornadoes in Texas Tornadoes: psych ni**a you thought 🖕

  • GrapeJuice

    Drinking game: Take a shot every time that one girl says “shut up”

  • Kitten Playz
    Kitten Playz

    It’s a Tesla model Prius gen 3 impostor power conversion. Why did I say that?

  • Daily dose of memes [Tari]
    Daily dose of memes [Tari]

    You cannot escape Windows 11?

  • FNAF Awesome
    FNAF Awesome

    11:15 That spiny: I can not unsee that

  • Edyta Ś
    Edyta Ś

    I would take all money from that box next to the cemetery

  • The bedroom
    The bedroom

    real nice

  • this is the funniest plainrock vid ive seen

  • Nathan Moreno
    Nathan Moreno

    MaKe ThE CoMeNtS NoT PoLiTiCaL

  • UnknownHP


  • Samuel Velikov
    Samuel Velikov


  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Was this teasing the last video of the series? (Thumbnail)

  • xander manuel
    xander manuel


  • ben vanhoek
    ben vanhoek

    im a fan

  • ben vanhoek
    ben vanhoek

    i went on this video on accident well waching your other video lol

  • BlueyRB

    7:33 that kid was a lier with his 2007 ear pods

  • Ace123Jaylin

    That girl says shut up so many times

  • Cupwake1012 RBLX
    Cupwake1012 RBLX

    Plainrock124: THIS STUFF SUCKS Less Doug DeMuro has entered the chat. Less Doug proceeds to make YTP out of this.

  • Quin_9_

    dude im in Charlottesville not caping

  • Irdina Tarmizi
    Irdina Tarmizi


  • Chevy Blue
    Chevy Blue

    11:24 Even when it's something as simple as a pen. Apple still manages to be overpriced.

  • leyna anderson
    leyna anderson


  • Gordito Castro
    Gordito Castro

    Bored smashing: physical health.

  • Jayden Gudgeon
    Jayden Gudgeon

    You lot ever played xenoblade 1 play it now

  • Vareck Beerball
    Vareck Beerball

    Me too!

  • tristanjj10

    Can't wait to buy a telsa from mlon eusk

  • tristanjj10

    what's vidcon I only know vidcon cancelled

  • KuribohTheShadox

    Why do I love watching this specific video over and over

  • Master Ben
    Master Ben

    Plainrock when he zooms his camera in: *ROBOT*

  • KuribohTheShadox

    This could be an amazing crossover

  • KuribohTheShadox

    I’m with yu bro

  • KuribohTheShadox

    It’s ok he probably killed a gator but forgot to record

  • KuribohTheShadox

    0:25 potential heist for gta

  • Fortnite daily
    Fortnite daily

    Dahr man commented on last vid

  • Lobix

    0:25 dude

  • Ana Claudia Everton
    Ana Claudia Everton

    Live there pls comment


    I didn’t know Plainrock uploaded this. xD 😂😂

  • Codie Lear
    Codie Lear

    You make good The Videos

  • jacobzombiebane

    i ddont know why i wach him but i stilllike his vids

  • Grace Feliciano
    Grace Feliciano

    Dum idea

  • Pablo

    7:00 „its wet” that one guy „thats what she said”

  • John 2021
    John 2021

    End LOL

  • Emily Callahan
    Emily Callahan

    HF he was g a few weeks ago and the at the end of her it was all false and the my dad at and the kids my neck on is a not sounds good time yeah that would be bad now yeah that was cool awesome yeah

  • Emily Callahan
    Emily Callahan

    No no no no no

  • Alberto Romero
    Alberto Romero

    I love your vids

  • ExploitedPizza

    I totally agree with you

  • 🦆LocalMemeyDuck🦆

    u need help

  • Mega Man Namagem
    Mega Man Namagem

    Xd 😄

  • Potato Game Thrower
    Potato Game Thrower

    this guy is taking the piss out of the haters lol

  • Hunter_ 70
    Hunter_ 70

    I live in Virginia it sucks also used live in richmond

  • xX420MCplayerXx

    Wow! iCloud 50GB storage is 2GB per cent!

  • James’s Junk
    James’s Junk

    6:55 when there’s food in the fridge

  • Егор2021 смешно
    Егор2021 смешно

    You have 5.7 feet, you lost 9.1 yrs of your life?

  • Pavel Goltzman
    Pavel Goltzman

    his friends are so fucking cringe

  • kofe dur jer ,🌛🌜
    kofe dur jer ,🌛🌜


  • kofe dur jer ,🌛🌜
    kofe dur jer ,🌛🌜


  • gamer God 123
    gamer God 123

    Wait a minute I thought you two premium and I didn't get any Google stadia

  • kofe dur jer ,🌛🌜
    kofe dur jer ,🌛🌜

    Hindi and a few days before the 6th of March Microsoft SwiftKey Microsoft SwiftKey Microsoft SwiftKey Microsoft SwiftKey Microsoft Microsoft SwiftKey Flow Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft SwiftKey Microsoft Microsoft SwiftKey Microsoft SwiftKey Microsoft SwiftKey Microsoft SwiftKey Flow Microsoft SwiftKey Microsoft Microsoft SwiftKey Microsoft SwiftKey Microsoft SwiftKey Flow SwiftKey Flow SwiftKey Microsoft SwiftKey Microsoft Microsoft SwiftKey Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft SwiftKey Microsoft

  • kofe dur jer ,🌛🌜
    kofe dur jer ,🌛🌜


  • Daniil Ivanov
    Daniil Ivanov

    12:30 rare footage of Plainrock doing a giveaway

  • Emily Callahan
    Emily Callahan

    Get when we get to get rid of them already not installed yet yep that's why I thought yeah that's what the times when I saw them at the store yeah and your comments you're stupid Thomas are so common so son of the bed

  • A Person Who's Name Is No Name
    A Person Who's Name Is No Name

    2:34 I wouldn't say a man. More like an adult child

  • Ripl4ce

    869k subscribers, nice

  • Toms Vilnis pujiņš
    Toms Vilnis pujiņš

    All girls are the same..

  • TheMonkeyBoy5

    Kyle is from fanboy and chum chum

  • Mike Perez
    Mike Perez

    Love ur video bro! Lol

  • Jill Johnson
    Jill Johnson

    People use this for 3:00 AM videos