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  • Plainrock124

    You're wrong, this year was good!

    • homeboy Gaming
      homeboy Gaming

      Hahahah funny joke

    • Jerry Figueroa
      Jerry Figueroa

      Yeah it wasssssss

    • Wikrama The Gamer
      Wikrama The Gamer

      Hey Plainrocky123! This is 2021! How is it? @Plainrock124

    • Jimmy lee Phan
      Jimmy lee Phan


    • Jimmy lee Phan
      Jimmy lee Phan

      2020 is the worst year lol

  • Flower Queen
    Flower Queen

    planrock this year was horrible

  • Az123 Qat
    Az123 Qat

    When is a board smashing coming?

  • Jimmy lee Phan
    Jimmy lee Phan

    If you don't think 2020 is the worst years you are wrong

  • Chidito_72

    Do you know what else should’ve gone in this video that’s bad for 2020 the Xbox

  • LogoMakerTehCaillouEditor382 / LMTCE382
    LogoMakerTehCaillouEditor382 / LMTCE382

    PlainrockVlogs = Yin Plainrock124 = Yang

  • BossmillerGaming

    Win the ps5 from the ps5 doritos packs

  • Duke The Honey Badger
    Duke The Honey Badger

    ngl this beat is kind of a bop

  • Liam magee
    Liam magee

    Yes 💩 😅

  • Maxx Gamez
    Maxx Gamez

    I thought you thought vidcon was cringey

  • Justin Fields
    Justin Fields

    It’s ok now you can go to Nintendo world now

  • John Marvin
    John Marvin

    Gee, Vidcon and E3 was cancelled for safety reasons.

  • The Dolphin
    The Dolphin

    Who else spends hours on their videos and gets 4 views imagine everyone who liked this comment subbed lol that would be crazy but u don't have to

  • Iridocyclitis


  • Declan 13
    Declan 13

    I hate your voice

  • Emmanuel64

    What 2021

  • R4J K0
    R4J K0

    0:41 what did you say👁️👄👁️

  • Aidan Smith
    Aidan Smith

    I swear the clog channel is better lol

  • Zander Roe
    Zander Roe

    01:32 ;) feels like i have been in a plainrock video now😂😂

    • Zander Roe
      Zander Roe

      @Coltin Anderson2 Thanks lol 🎊

    • Coltin Anderson2
      Coltin Anderson2


  • Ethan Khoo
    Ethan Khoo

    1:14 that satisfying

  • Davidplaz Duarte
    Davidplaz Duarte

    Reason why this was the worst year: * inhale * I DIDNT GET A PS5 AND AN X BOX SERIES MINI FRIDGE!

  • Nicolas Tapia goku pvz 2 ha**** de juegos
    Nicolas Tapia goku pvz 2 ha**** de juegos


  • Nicolas Tapia goku pvz 2 ha**** de juegos
    Nicolas Tapia goku pvz 2 ha**** de juegos


  • Nicolas Tapia goku pvz 2 ha**** de juegos
    Nicolas Tapia goku pvz 2 ha**** de juegos


  • Nicolas Tapia goku pvz 2 ha**** de juegos
    Nicolas Tapia goku pvz 2 ha**** de juegos


  • Nicolas Tapia goku pvz 2 ha**** de juegos
    Nicolas Tapia goku pvz 2 ha**** de juegos

    No break break lego mario

  • Nicolas Tapia goku pvz 2 ha**** de juegos
    Nicolas Tapia goku pvz 2 ha**** de juegos


    • AUDTheGamer

      @Nicolas Tapia goku pvz 2 ha**** de juegos cause you think plainrock124 is stupid

    • Nicolas Tapia goku pvz 2 ha**** de juegos
      Nicolas Tapia goku pvz 2 ha**** de juegos

      @AUDTheGamer why

    • AUDTheGamer

      Shut up

  • victorthe gaming
    victorthe gaming

    We want more vlogs here and videos in main channel please. Come on content King

  • Jerber Wyse
    Jerber Wyse

    Make oculus quest 2

  • Hat kid
    Hat kid

    vector go brrr

  • Strawberry Guevarra
    Strawberry Guevarra


  • NewHarribooo

    Oh my god plainrock lost subs

  • RoboMatte MC
    RoboMatte MC

    Nintendo NERD

  • Ryan Craft Gaming
    Ryan Craft Gaming

    Road to 1 000 000 Subcriburs !!!!!!

  • Amoghiscool

    You changed the logo today??

  • equmaq

    looking forvard to 1.24.2021 aka your lucky day

  • Tulisa Chan
    Tulisa Chan

    Terence OOOoOOooOo

  • saint

    i like it

  • X boy productions Bro
    X boy productions Bro

    You are a version

  • k ツ•
    k ツ•


  • Plagg's Canabert
    Plagg's Canabert

    I was able to search you up on google on an ipod touch (3rd gen)

  • Lauren Arrington
    Lauren Arrington

    When will you go to the Grand Canyon?

  • Robstar Lolly
    Robstar Lolly

    where did ur subscribers go!?

  • Skaterock 136
    Skaterock 136

    You're wrong, this year was good!

  • THE ROBLOX X Roblox Noir Cat Light
    THE ROBLOX X Roblox Noir Cat Light


  • Tsm Assassing
    Tsm Assassing

    I live in Orlando and have anual pass so I could any time

  • weird video uploads
    weird video uploads

    this rewind could have been so fucking good if corona wasnt herep

  • Elijah Perez
    Elijah Perez

    Hi can you please find me a camera 🙏🏻💓

  • Nodo 88
    Nodo 88


  • Sponge Bob
    Sponge Bob

    King you should make more videos or make them way longer. ❤️

    • normal kid guy man
      normal kid guy man

      He didn't have to

  • Daniel Martin
    Daniel Martin

    Your videos are the best on UZmilk. Keep doing what you do best!

  • sonic konrad
    sonic konrad

    Cool wideo

  • Hong Kong police man
    Hong Kong police man

    Try playing Call of Duty

  • Asa Waters
    Asa Waters

    plain rock vlogs more like plainrockcrap

  • redeana carver
    redeana carver

    Make more videos off

  • SVL FortZ
    SVL FortZ

    This channel died

  • Derek Halfon
    Derek Halfon

    @Plainrock124 your right this year was great so many people joined youtube a twitch maybe some good updates?

  • MH2O_FTW

    Granny glasses. (If you like them, thats fine. Go ahead and wear them. Do and be what you want to.)

  • Golden Hawk
    Golden Hawk

    Is it possible for this guy to get a wife or save any money

    • Golden Hawk
      Golden Hawk

      Just kiding around

  • Darris On the go
    Darris On the go

    I wish you would upload more often. Really enjoy your videos.

  • Mohamed moh
    Mohamed moh

    where is you crazy console😆😆😆

  • Phoenix wings
    Phoenix wings

    50 ways to break GameCube

  • Awesome Autism
    Awesome Autism

    0:15 Wrong. It Was Delayed. Not Cancelled.

  • Andrew_dude_374

    just because 2020 was bad doesn't mean 2021 will be any better

    • Emilio Aguilar
      Emilio Aguilar

      What makes you think that

  • GGTX

    If you can can you do bored smashing cozmo&vector?


    Dialogue Transcript According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible. Yellow, black.

  • Monica Lamas
    Monica Lamas

    King when you gonna destroy the 35th anniversary game and watch

  • Jeremy Ilao
    Jeremy Ilao

    Fuck 2020

  • Jeremy Ilao
    Jeremy Ilao


  • Jeremy Ilao
    Jeremy Ilao

    Ok boomer

  • Aarion Pratt
    Aarion Pratt

    Post more

  • vickie dougherty
    vickie dougherty

    He hit that stanky leg 🤑🦵🤮 1:20

  • Riley Kenny
    Riley Kenny

    I think my UZmilk account has been hacked

    • ColaCan

      Who asked

  • TnT

    New year, new profile picture!

  • Yoyo Sameh
    Yoyo Sameh

    Plainrock124 please don't cancle any more i love you plainrock

  • Hud Y
    Hud Y

    Do a 50 ways to break a wii

  • Amerasema Ahangamage
    Amerasema Ahangamage

    Hey king you are popular in sri lanka too

    • ColaCan

      Who asked

  • Amerasema Ahangamage
    Amerasema Ahangamage

    Hey guys I also from sri lanka

    • ColaCan

      Who asked

  • Daya Amarasena
    Daya Amarasena

    This comment is from sri lanka 🇱🇰

  • Daya Amarasena
    Daya Amarasena

    Hey Guys Happy new year

  • No pain No gain
    No pain No gain


  • Blackmamba

    Ha ha ha the three just upside down

  • Clenx

    Everyone wanted to see 0:54

  • -д-

    0:00 bored?

  • Maxio magic
    Maxio magic

    People who love plainrock124 👇👇👇👇

  • Naresh Challagulla
    Naresh Challagulla

    The same old intro -_-

    • TheBlueRobloxian

      got a problem?

  • Jacob Clinton
    Jacob Clinton

    the best one when he destroyed the animal crossing switch, watching the animal crossing community flip their shit was funny af

  • Saucy Boi
    Saucy Boi

    0:19 gotta love how the tree is upside down

  • Jackandjaydenplayz johnson
    Jackandjaydenplayz johnson


  • jason diaz
    jason diaz

    You lost so many subs what happened

    • TheBlueRobloxian

      little kids mad because he destroys expensive things

  • Scott Cawthon . Inc.⚠️
    Scott Cawthon . Inc.⚠️

    I got a iPad so not broke😎😎😎

  • Scott Cawthon . Inc.⚠️
    Scott Cawthon . Inc.⚠️

    I thank it was Horrible and I hate last year

  • Scott Cawthon . Inc.⚠️
    Scott Cawthon . Inc.⚠️

    I love this gay

  • Chaos Reaper
    Chaos Reaper

    Heeeyyy guys!!

  • Mohamed moh
    Mohamed moh

    star destoyed all console and pc😆😆😆

  • AJ -
    AJ -

    youtube doesnt make a rewind youtubers:

  • Esculope

    why chirstmas tree is upside down ? (At the beginning of the video)

  • Blaze- VR
    Blaze- VR

    Why did plaintainrockey124 lose so many subs please I need to know he was just at 1.31 mill right why is he on 700k

    • Jayden Reinecke
      Jayden Reinecke

      Because you're on his vlog channel.

  • headass steph
    headass steph


  • Carson Neeley
    Carson Neeley

    Actually, The SNW opening was not cancelled, but DELAYED