*Not really that expensive, unless you measure in terms of how First World these Problems are

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  • NotCeezton

    He’s using old iphone and destroying layest iphones

  • Timer Twinkler
    Timer Twinkler

    What I learned: his iphone password in 1234

  • Pavlos Koitsopoulos
    Pavlos Koitsopoulos

    Yea i remember the Moving on video that everything made in china and dont mind the name

  • Meow

    haters: like your myseak from braking stuff that u could given to Me >:( Me: SHUT UP WE DON'T CAREEE lol I tried spelling like the little kida

  • Ermun 0524
    Ermun 0524

    6:43 the worst part of this was that my ex was watching! She was probably glad I left her!

  • 9yrog


  • ComicGamer

    at 5:52 Plainrock used Canada's worst driver footage

  • Zachary Zentner
    Zachary Zentner

    Wait water resistant or waterproof because water resistant is that it's resistant to water for like a certain amount I think and waterproof is it it can't get damaged at all too water I think

    • Zachary Zentner
      Zachary Zentner

      I can see why your ex left you

  • hi my name is cat
    hi my name is cat

    Used the iOS 6 and below apple logo Respect +

  • aigalee2637

    ;( ;) :( :)

  • aigalee2637


  • nikodabos shorts
    nikodabos shorts

    I'm so damn careful with my money. I doubt myself sooo much with money

  • TheOnlineMaster 534
    TheOnlineMaster 534

    His passcode is 1234

  • Ian Herrera Quiros
    Ian Herrera Quiros


  • Ian Herrera Quiros
    Ian Herrera Quiros


  • Benny Goodman
    Benny Goodman

    What state do u live in ?

  • Shan Ghai
    Shan Ghai

    I love how he never mentions the iPhone 5s the phone he broke with a basketball ahhhb the memories

  • LeiExe


  • Gacha Zach
    Gacha Zach

    don’t trust the iPhone 10… The number 10 is now bad luck…

  • Yerik Palacios
    Yerik Palacios

    Plainrock: Spend $150 On Mario Kart Nintendo: Ooh! Money! Give Me!

  • squiddy XD
    squiddy XD

    why tf does king have parental controls 🤨🤨🤨

  • Swole Doge
    Swole Doge


  • Gordon.        Ramsay
    Gordon. Ramsay

    The time he drop the switch Fuck

  • Robert Russo
    Robert Russo

    You’re an asshole hehe 🙃 you expensive money bitch 🤑

  • Plactic-rocker1

    Hey not to lie that actually did work but one time my mom was backing out with the garage and we we live in a house but one time she was backing out of the garage and then she scratched her card race but she was able to watch it off somehow

  • Plactic-rocker1

    Oh yeah I seen that video it was funny how you thinking of breaking it but do you still have a girlfriend cuz if you do I like her she can be my friend if she wants to cuz I hope she has a chance cuz I'm going to watch it but tell her that I watch your neighbor like your UZmilk channel

  • tio gaming
    tio gaming

    I forgot to subscribe to your channel plainrock124 ok... now I subscribed with notifications. :D

  • ColtZz

    Water resistant means it’s safe from rain drops u don’t have to jump in a pool with it

  • Iñigo PB
    Iñigo PB

    One thing i learned from this vid that when UZmilkr’s make expensive mistakes they can just gain the same amount of money they lost and probably double it

    • Iñigo PB
      Iñigo PB


  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali


  • kai playzz
    kai playzz

    My educated guess is you're just stupid

  • Profile pic game king 2
    Profile pic game king 2

    rip nintendo switch lite

  • Scythe Knight
    Scythe Knight

    I dropped my switch once. I was using outside during the summer as it was beautiful out and while heading in I was lazy and didnt put it in my case just set it on top and it slid off and bounced around a bit. And the tablet was fine but the joy cons where scraped and the l button has to be pressed in the middle to register. This was a year ago and I still cringe every day so I might pull a plain rock and shell swap

  • Sweaty Milan o-o
    Sweaty Milan o-o

    I have a Iphone 11 too

  • Bryson Upton
    Bryson Upton


  • Moises Villeraldo
    Moises Villeraldo



    10:04 lol

  • R Garage of reviews
    R Garage of reviews

    5:21 oh crap

  • Storm Rusher
    Storm Rusher

    Whos here after the iCarly reboot?

  • Jared Dennis
    Jared Dennis


    • Jared Dennis
      Jared Dennis


  • Cynthia Casillas
    Cynthia Casillas


  • Friday night Funkin 2021
    Friday night Funkin 2021

    My partner to make a video In November but my partner is sick

  • Cutie Parrots
    Cutie Parrots

    I did watch the new Moving on... video

  • William Wins It All
    William Wins It All

    4:27 why the hell do you have Nintendo switch parental controls gross

  • kitty cat is back from the dead
    kitty cat is back from the dead


  • Mikaela Junkans
    Mikaela Junkans

    I hate how people say that mistakes are good but there never worth doing

  • Daiva Šablevičienė
    Daiva Šablevičienė

    it finally catched up with him

  • Kristian Nowak
    Kristian Nowak

    9:01 you can see his eyes move to look at the iphone with the script

  • michael nguyen
    michael nguyen

    Should been like du ma! After u dropped the switch lol

  • Ermun 0524
    Ermun 0524

    1:33 why can’t it only be in all caps! It’s not a UZmilk title!

  • Ermun 0524
    Ermun 0524

    7:47 i like that! Yeah! I just like it!

  • Ermun 0524
    Ermun 0524

    2:39 oh god damn it! Maybe that’s why the Face ID broke also

  • gage nielson
    gage nielson


  • Musa Syed
    Musa Syed

    J j j

  • Ahmed farooq for gaming,cooking,and activitys
    Ahmed farooq for gaming,cooking,and activitys

    6:44 I after you left her you can be gay now

  • Ice Cube • BFDI
    Ice Cube • BFDI

    he really wanted that ad revenue

  • Ren

    i hit my car too, but it was manual and I was lazy and thought I had enough room because AWD has a bad turning radius. i learn my mistake. don't be lazy and check your mirrors

    • Omer Ahmed
      Omer Ahmed


  • Andrew m.
    Andrew m.

    Wow just wow

  • Cutie Parrots
    Cutie Parrots

    Please buy the iPhone 12 pro if you can

    • Cutie Parrots
      Cutie Parrots

      Oh come on why not

    • Cookies


  • Hybrid slanes
    Hybrid slanes

    2:24 OMG he just exposed his password

  • Frazix

    “That would’ve an expensive repair of!” 6$

    • Gordon.        Ramsay
      Gordon. Ramsay

      @Pyro Luigi yep

    • Pyro Luigi
      Pyro Luigi

      Very expensive

  • Janjan Sean
    Janjan Sean

    I have mistakes in the car crash on the front and rim from the other car is training

  • Karim Khorod
    Karim Khorod

    king your net worth is 500k chill

  • Sikhpilotboy


  • kanu singh
    kanu singh

    me . what doh

  • shama iqbal
    shama iqbal


    • thunderboltfireplane


  • blue screen of death
    blue screen of death

    Plainrock is already dead

  • Jenny Ibarra
    Jenny Ibarra


  • jax le
    jax le

    Your new iPod toch

  • Eathan Kempf
    Eathan Kempf

    did anyone notice the parental controls on his switch


    I like your cat

  • EIyos

    my fav part was when he showed us the time :3

  • Colin1.c Apple Tech and Gaming
    Colin1.c Apple Tech and Gaming

    I had the same problem with my iPhone XS

  • Егор2021 смешно
    Егор2021 смешно

    A lesson! Don't destroy cars!

  • Connor EH Gaming
    Connor EH Gaming

    Are you rich king?!

  • fergus grant
    fergus grant

    canadas worst driver yay

  • Matt2022ツ

    4:25 King has parental controls

  • Fnf Boyfriend
    Fnf Boyfriend

    9:20 12.5 years to be exact

  • Josh Robinson
    Josh Robinson

    I love your videos, but why would you do the things you did with your switch. It is a 300 dollar machine after all. I treat mine like gold pretty much especially with how rare it is to find one.

  • phillydopey the lner C1
    phillydopey the lner C1

    you have a cat

  • Zachary Hoey
    Zachary Hoey

    I got an iPhone add at the start

  • Christopher Ernest
    Christopher Ernest

    Can you do a video of Mario kart tour that was an interesting

  • Jokubas Ambroza
    Jokubas Ambroza

    Pls can you show how to repair joy cons 3:52

  • Fresh Fruit
    Fresh Fruit


  • Prince Yohan Andaliza
    Prince Yohan Andaliza


  • Jaylen Johnson
    Jaylen Johnson

    4:01 THAT WOULDVE BEEN AN EXPENSIVE REPAIR OF $6! Your Mr.Krabs now???

  • Adanimos

    3:33 Plainrock have a cat

    • vanahssOMG2443

      Is his sister's cat

  • JBL VS
    JBL VS

    Can I have your iPhone X

    • Milk4Lyfe

      wait he is a IPhone x?

    • FranciscoTheGreat917


  • Sub3cel 56I✔️
    Sub3cel 56I✔️

    2:23 change your passcode it’s so easy

  • Vanessa Lacre
    Vanessa Lacre

    plainrock more like plain shrit and rock

  • TheRealAdam

    Kids with credit cards: I can relate..

  • The 3rd Imposter
    The 3rd Imposter

    Don't worry king I also gambled 150$ for Pauline and didn't get her

  • Oscargamin


  • KidWithGlasses

    He could’ve bought 12 years worth of 50gb ICloud storage for $150

  • Turham Rahman
    Turham Rahman


  • devika pydi
    devika pydi

    Views : 2 million Subscribers: 870k Revenue: $1 King kiang be like: :/

  • sp14sh facts
    sp14sh facts

    kinda feel bad for plainrock because i love his video

  • George0025

    Why didn’t you just stayed at the plaza hotel

  • BlizzardElixir PH
    BlizzardElixir PH

    Gimmie Your Switch And Amiibo's You Can Smash It!

  • Tea Kong
    Tea Kong

    you let use see your password 🤣🤣

    • KizniskaMC

      whats the point if its hi 2nd phone