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  • PlainrockVlogs

    Was filming on my phone, just ordered an external mic for it after hearing this.

    • Rocket J. Sykes
      Rocket J. Sykes


    • Keyeatfufu

      @TheKingOfZim a

    • 「Term」

      i actually drink water from the tap too lol you're not alone




      Rock plain

  • LtsMeBruh

    Why does every ikea look the same? 👀

  • WaffelPlayGames

    In Europe IKEA is a meme

  • Kidoreplayz

    Excuse me the store is now closed please exit the building

  • Scottishkid4475 Official
    Scottishkid4475 Official

    5:12 its like mario cart! back round WAAAAAAAAA

  • Matteo Scotti
    Matteo Scotti

    Sule it be ok If i leve. Lol

  • CrystaK YT
    CrystaK YT

    To me. IKEA was like an amusement park

  • TheOnlineMaster 534
    TheOnlineMaster 534

    At 2:00 this was like our school cafeteria

    • TheOnlineMaster 534
      TheOnlineMaster 534

      Except we got the food first


    Plainrock: Eats mash potato Also Plainrock: P A T A T O

  • Vintage

    I acutally like the mic quality

  • Karthikeya Kumbham
    Karthikeya Kumbham

    Plainrock to fans: you frikin donkey Plainrock to public: oh dear oh dear gorgeous (Like if u saw that meme)

  • Aaron But Why
    Aaron But Why

    ikea is the best words from a non ikea virgin also ive been to this location lol and try the hot dogs lol

  • GoldenGoomy

    I’m Swedish and it’s personaly funny to see people struggle to pronouance words that are basic for me.

  • Te34.mp4

    Thank god its not SCP-3008

  • cod and fun *bruh moment*
    cod and fun *bruh moment*

    There I like subbed sh!t I’m commectdndm un gg rn R/Ihadastook R/Ihadastrok R/Ihadastrokk R/Ihadastroke

  • EmBaN

    •Sweds •Rise •Up

  • mirty spelar
    mirty spelar

    I am from sweden yes

  • Tomodachi Adachi
    Tomodachi Adachi

    woah woah woah, he has friends?

  • Granny

    i love ikea

  • MarvelMan


  • Pixel Craft
    Pixel Craft

    I was feeling so special watching this since I’m from... well I think you can guess

  • Michael Iancu
    Michael Iancu

    Your my most favourite youtuber!!!!!!

  • YassinDaKiller

    In me country ikea is 6x the price of america jeez

  • Dancing Fan
    Dancing Fan

    Mm Meatball Potato vEgGiE TaLeS

  • UrBaDKID400 cool kid
    UrBaDKID400 cool kid

    At least you didn't die from scp 3008

  • Megagamer1223

    It’s great that you came here

  • ZainDaily

    On 0:57 is Said hej! In swedish in engilsh it is hi!

  • ne

    5:30 Part Rockers in the House Tonight

  • ne

    3:35 ima finish this? more like ima swedish this/ ima finNish this am i right lol

  • ne


  • Plactic-rocker1

    Hey you should come see our place but where do you live cuz I'm not going to tell her I live on you and watching you I want Google I type in my living room TV and I started watching it but they're just black person who reacts to some of your videos

  • more_awesome_jfw319

    Wait- that was the ikea visit a few weeks ago

  • Jan hANSEN
    Jan hANSEN

    "lingon" or cowberry drink dont taste like cowberry at all. I have to really try to find the taste at all, and i have problems to find it. Cowberry jam with meat is the best in the world, and it taste great. It have to be home made

  • TheLegendaryPerson

    The way he said one person is depressing.

  • Menna Gouda
    Menna Gouda


  • Derick Pham
    Derick Pham

    5:15 that kid sounds weird

  • Mike's XD
    Mike's XD


  • Brayden Ramos
    Brayden Ramos

    4:45 what

  • Arthur Chang
    Arthur Chang

    Scp 3008

  • David Yeez
    David Yeez

    Scp 3008 😳

  • Mobile Task Force unit
    Mobile Task Force unit

    Tho cool

  • Fedora Be Like:
    Fedora Be Like:

    He is lucky he didn’t get into Scp 3008 known as the infinite ikea

  • SemiGhost23

    I just watched this cause im swedish lol

  • GregoryDTube

    U forgot to eat a hotdog, those hotdogs are bussin

  • Thefnfpro

    The place has a dark side

  • Chanelle Holt
    Chanelle Holt

    Hey I don’t want you to have a chance you to know I don’t

  • Jayden Mejias
    Jayden Mejias

    Bon appétit with the cake

  • LEB

    Dryck Lingon translates to Beverage Lingonberry

  • Play ternie
    Play ternie

    Omg it's scp 8000! 😱

  • Role Players
    Role Players

    Imagine he ended up inside of scp 3008

  • Role Players
    Role Players

    The electronics are fake because ghey knew the tech destroyer was coming

  • Lilac Plays
    Lilac Plays

    Every video he does is funny or good content he could literally take a trip to his backyard and make it good content or funny

  • Aroha Lee
    Aroha Lee

    I'm an IKEA virgin

  • Rabit Plays Roblox
    Rabit Plays Roblox

    Ikea 𝔾𝕌𝔻

  • Slovak_Cat

    lets laugh at plainrock

  • Gianni Couvertier
    Gianni Couvertier

    today was the worst Saturday.First i got yelled by my mom.Second my mom make me read a book and read two chapters its like 20 pages each chapter.Third i wanted McDonanall's for lunch but it was for dinner.Fourth when i ask my parents something they yell at me so that's my Saturday.

    • Dave Jeff
      Dave Jeff

      Fifth, i dropped my phone into pool and waste 80 dollars to fix but its STILL BROKENNNNN!!!!!!!

  • Blue Slime
    Blue Slime


  • Angel with the cool hat
    Angel with the cool hat


  • Kylocantchewonthiz

    I have an IKEA really close 🤣

  • Jake And Noah Gamez
    Jake And Noah Gamez

    I been to Ikea 10 times

  • Bubbly

    Your supposed to eat that pink/red stuff With The meatballs btw

  • EstGamer___2021

    4:54 bruh what is this

  • Yata Tofu
    Yata Tofu

    *king buying mustard:* *Women in the background:* is it ok if i leave?

  • andrusca2931 A
    andrusca2931 A

    Make sure to not enter scp-3008 the infinite IKEA

  • RoacheD

    Im swedish sooo minecwaf

  • Jordan Tomson
    Jordan Tomson

    i wonder how pewdiepie will feel after watching this video

  • Zara Blue
    Zara Blue

    666K views spoopy

  • Light fruit
    Light fruit


  • Veronica Holguin
    Veronica Holguin


  • Wyatt Pitts
    Wyatt Pitts

    awesome video king!

  • CBE UwU
    CBE UwU

    ive been in that same ikea before just went there like 4 months ago

  • Smashthings1 STTeoh Gary
    Smashthings1 STTeoh Gary


  • yamyamuwu

    6:46 I have that lamp and I'm gonna be honest with you, I regret buying it

  • Сумма заказа
    Сумма заказа

    Wow my IKEA has no view not to many food options

  • Casper Högbäck
    Casper Högbäck


  • Peyton_gamer Zombie
    Peyton_gamer Zombie

    ikea yes yes yes

  • Erik Lindblad
    Erik Lindblad

    habricot vert on our MEATBALLS? What are you guys doing? And why did they put the sauce like that? I'm deeply offended

    • Erik Lindblad
      Erik Lindblad

      also wtf it's lingon not drykick lingon

  • Daniel Hacker
    Daniel Hacker

    My name is George

  • alvarompa

    Imagine if he couldn't find a exit the lights turned off and just hear "The store is now closed please exit the building"

  • Tiky

    3:07 asmr

  • Ghost


  • Joseph_the_man Jolley
    Joseph_the_man Jolley

    iv has been there before ,I live in Arizona edit for gramer

  • DiveInsideTech

    wait is this the uk warrington ikea store?

  • Friendly Orangutang
    Friendly Orangutang

    This gave me flashbacks

  • Double896

    "I think I'm lost" not a good thing to say in a IKEA, for all we know the deformed employees are gonna go crazy at night

    • isaacve1

      scp 3008-2

  • Rolland Marks
    Rolland Marks

    You just walked in a SCP

  • Liverfool


  • Anja Losic
    Anja Losic

    You say dri kick but its dricka it means drink in svenden

  • Tony Moreno Duarte
    Tony Moreno Duarte

    It looks exactly the same as the one in my town and its not that one

  • Stove Jebs
    Stove Jebs

    This makes me think ikea is a giant restaurant that sells furniture or a furniture store with a restaurant.

  • Yuji Reinecke
    Yuji Reinecke

    love your vidddsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Perko Maric
    Perko Maric

    How people say ikea like this ikea

  • Perko Maric
    Perko Maric

    In croatia it's ikea

  • New Good Windows Boy
    New Good Windows Boy

    7:43 What is the commercial name?

  • Ulvi Progamer
    Ulvi Progamer

    3:10 meatball.

  • ttv_pjyouyazzie

    (V E G E T A L E)

  • Sean Wieczorek
    Sean Wieczorek

    Eats swedish meatball... Plainrock: Meatball Eats mashed potato with gravy... Plainrock: Potato Eats green beans... Plainrock: Veggie tales Eats cake... Me: Diabetes

  • That Pomeranian
    That Pomeranian

    Don’t forget don’t get stuck in ikea

  • Rу Rу YT
    Rу Rу YT

    “Let’s get some work done... /knock knock/“ *flashback to his electronic smashing videos*

  • CN Yale Subdivision Railfan
    CN Yale Subdivision Railfan

    Get the vlog channel to 1 million subs