Description: Watch a Nintendo Fanboy slowly lose his sanity and question his life choices.

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  • ILoveApple & Youtube
    ILoveApple & Youtube

    It’s a weird coincidence, I got a Fire Flower Mario figure from circus circus.

  • ArchaicBaptist96

    Who else was expecting PackRat124 to finish it up by lighting a giant Bob-Omb in the bathroom? Bored smashing.

  • Julius Zietlow
    Julius Zietlow

    My brother loves Nintendo and everything with Mario on it. I now have a lot of new ideas for Birthday and Christmas gifts.

  • Tyler N
    Tyler N

    0:16 anyone realized what phone he's used to read the comment?

  • Jose Cardenas
    Jose Cardenas

    Sonic is Nintendo branded he didn’t move all the Nintendo stuff!!

  • Joazar

    Welcome to another episode of hoarders

  • Pete Redel
    Pete Redel

    How much stuff was damaged when you put it back. I feel so bad for the collectables at the bottom of the pile. Yikes! Didn't you have a table or something in your main room to carefully place everything? That had to be a nightmare to reorganize.

  • Thenmozhi

    It will be very hard to put back it will 3 hours

  • asd asd
    asd asd

    Stop crssing

  • TekToxic

    New title idea: Idiot empties his office

  • :P Alex the wolf :3
    :P Alex the wolf :3

    When you realize he has to put everything back

  • Dexter Rumschlag
    Dexter Rumschlag

    I feel bad

  • alosツ

    The nintendo heaven

  • progamertaken312

    plain rock - puts a nintendo sticker on all his items *makes video* plain rock- hey guys, I am going to see how much nintendo stuff i have, *walks outside house* plain rock - ok wow thats alot.

  • Dj Rash
    Dj Rash

    How can one man have so much wii fit

  • Yoyo Roblox
    Yoyo Roblox

    Why do you have so many wiifits

    • Yoyo Roblox
      Yoyo Roblox


  • Darrell Kline
    Darrell Kline

    I am a Pokémon fan boy

  • Dillarix

    do you have stuff that you really need

  • kittykat productions 2
    kittykat productions 2

    15:47 that killed me😂😂😂😂😂

  • Teodora Vlad
    Teodora Vlad

    This gave me anxiety 😬

  • Noelyle Miquel Locquiao
    Noelyle Miquel Locquiao

    King isn't made out of blood he's made out of NINTENDO

  • Cool Stunts 85
    Cool Stunts 85


  • Casey Madden
    Casey Madden

    Do a part 2

  • PP PP PP PP Jeffy
    PP PP PP PP Jeffy

    You’re really really assessed with the tendo

  • Chicken god
    Chicken god

    He actually did this got to give him credit

  • Sygenis X Æ 🥮
    Sygenis X Æ 🥮

    In total, not including the title and thumbnail, you said the word “Nintendo” 52 times in this video

  • Oliver Moyses
    Oliver Moyses

    Video idea how much Tesla stuff do I have

  • Dantdm 44si
    Dantdm 44si

    Welp peaple wont be bored with you

  • EzekielGM

    sonic is the one ransacked is room for having revenge that plainrocky123 hates sonic

  • 🍗Nugget🍗


  • fizdog

    That's a lot of Nintendo stuff. 😳😳😳

  • mr. guitar pro
    mr. guitar pro

    Me at the start of the video Brain. You think he's gonna show all his wii fit Me. Yes maybe Me at 9:33. YES WII FIT

  • Jayleen Martinez
    Jayleen Martinez

    You know about iCarly because I know about iCarly.

  • PixelGun Pro
    PixelGun Pro

    @e m. I. l. y

  • Cashboss_YT _
    Cashboss_YT _

    I just feel bad for him at this point

  • Gerrard Fortino S.
    Gerrard Fortino S.

    I would be extremely happy to be King

    • Gerrard Fortino S.
      Gerrard Fortino S.

      For having all those nintendo stuff.

  • Vicious fishous
    Vicious fishous


  • Alpha Charlie
    Alpha Charlie

    Do you write in your journals?

  • Colton Council
    Colton Council

    100 Pindo flipped his coat or pindo which

  • Skit XF
    Skit XF

    Bro you have like 100000 switches and I can barely save up 5 dollars for one

  • Ethan Beebe
    Ethan Beebe

    25:54 plainrock124: ok bye for real this time. Me: WHAT THE FU-

  • JaseTWM


  • Joseph Chandler
    Joseph Chandler

    Nintendo eshop cards

  • Joseph Chandler
    Joseph Chandler

    Cappy plush

  • Joseph Chandler
    Joseph Chandler

    Boo and dry bones plushies

  • Joseph Chandler
    Joseph Chandler

    Koopa plush

  • Joseph Chandler
    Joseph Chandler

    And normal yoshi and black Josh I

  • Joseph Chandler
    Joseph Chandler

    Plus mario kart likatu and Larry

  • Joseph Chandler
    Joseph Chandler

    I would like all of your plushies and that's all Big yoshi falco Fox Mario bowser and dry browser

  • X

    The 6am acnh music is so chill doe

  • kurimitzu


  • kurimitzu


  • kurimitzu


    • kurimitzu


    • kurimitzu


    • kurimitzu


  • Franjo Dragicevic
    Franjo Dragicevic

    It looks like a nice house but when you wanna take a dump your greeted by mario and all his friends cuz you never wanna be alone while taking a shit

  • TrialMester Gaming
    TrialMester Gaming

    Would anyone care to estimate the prices and value of every Nintendo item he has including launc price when one item was launched such as consoles and other Nintendo stuff and the apple stuff video

  • Leon Diggs
    Leon Diggs

    Thomas badge University and call 911

  • Stickpro

    Give me your grey switchs

  • XDimdareal1

    i got a Nintendo add while watching this lol

  • manon tessier
    manon tessier

    My best quote watching this : there is a fucking mario world mario figurine

    • manon tessier
      manon tessier

      Another one : INTO THE SINNNNK

  • The AJD’s Studios!
    The AJD’s Studios!


  • Nikita Daniel
    Nikita Daniel

    bathroom nintendo ?

  • Cora

    You:hi lakitu Lakitu:hi

  • Vasilica Tipsie
    Vasilica Tipsie

    Bedroom my room all my nintendo fan Wii come on you can $

  • Vasilica Tipsie
    Vasilica Tipsie



    Wow Ñinos sí qué? Hoy

  • Woodpath warrior
    Woodpath warrior

    Physical pain

  • Cheese balls
    Cheese balls

    Dudes my motivation to collect Nintendo stuff

  • Quinton Burns
    Quinton Burns

    I would pay good money for the splatoon bottle

  • John Hudson
    John Hudson

    I don't have any much Nintendo stuff so I'll have that stuff

  • John Hudson
    John Hudson

    Was that the Nintendo switch Hawaii smashed

  • John Hudson
    John Hudson

    Lil Wayne says when he's winning game Just Dance 2020

  • John Hudson
    John Hudson

    Omegamon is right by the big gorilla

  • John Hudson
    John Hudson

    You should have went to a mega Mart in Las Vegas to get like Koopa Troopa

  • John Hudson
    John Hudson

    When I'm going to start going in your house and then if I need to go potty I'll just see a bunch and then said there's stuff in there

  • John Hudson
    John Hudson

    Where did you get that 3DS

  • William Kulpa
    William Kulpa

    Half way thru the vid, " i need to go to the toilet " then realises he cant.. Later Hey niebour can i use ur bathroom i put 80% of my stuff into the bathroom for a yt vid

  • Hypothermia Henry
    Hypothermia Henry


  • Stepbro Jake
    Stepbro Jake

    where do you get your posters

  • fnaf amplified
    fnaf amplified

    I once fell asleep watching this vid 1. It was like 5am 2. The music was so calmimng

  • Louise Hughes
    Louise Hughes

    He ha a nice bathroom

  • SuperGames Maker
    SuperGames Maker

    Do it one more time

  • Abdullah Akbar
    Abdullah Akbar

    Are you insane

  • D Raider
    D Raider

    All with one fucking hand

  • S.D


  • Fal_ turtl3
    Fal_ turtl3

    If you’re house burned down and you can only grab one Nintendo item what would it be

  • Takashi Minecraft
    Takashi Minecraft

    People saying what about the sonic plush but sonic is segea

  • Seppe Scherens
    Seppe Scherens

    This dude getting Wierd

  • dogges

    Can i have an an amiibo pls

  • TONI Kasa
    TONI Kasa

    How did he go to the toilet

  • Hazmat Enderman
    Hazmat Enderman

    Too much Nintendo

  • FnAres

    Plain rock studios has no girlfriend and has no friends the only friends he has are pluses

  • FGTEEvtyrf is my roblox username
    FGTEEvtyrf is my roblox username

    Was that an earthquake that made the boxes fall

  • Gabby

    U have 2021 Nintendo games

  • Hailey Rigsby
    Hailey Rigsby

    You should have put the camera in the hall instead of holding it lol just saying 🤣 Good luck putting it all back! Can’t wait to see it!

  • Noniplier

    home insurence

  • LeBron’s Sprite!
    LeBron’s Sprite!

    why yall doing this to this man

  • Trenchy

    I wonder how many people are mad cause he handles his systems roughly

  • fnaffan 29
    fnaffan 29

    At 3:14 the bathroom is half full🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Retro Bird
    Retro Bird

    In starting hate this hes trowing with fucking neses