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  • PlainrockVlogs

    A train is just a worse plane.

    • Blocky. YT
      Blocky. YT


    • GoombaHead


    • wrestling and railway productions
      wrestling and railway productions

      A plane on the ground

    • Norway Level Crossings And Trains
      Norway Level Crossings And Trains

      i disagree

    • Sammy Kirschten
      Sammy Kirschten

      Planes are more superior

  • Theo

    Hey go to indonesia

  • J H studios
    J H studios

    Because Florida is the best I live there right now and I’m born there

  • J H studios
    J H studios

    Your weird and rude

  • Casual Joe
    Casual Joe

    And 6 years ago he was making vlogs about his school day How far we have come

  • SoMeisterFan Vlogs
    SoMeisterFan Vlogs

    Finally was able to make a vlog

  • A Nerd.
    A Nerd.


  • C. Mags
    C. Mags

    When he was there fidias shoock his hand beacuse he was gonna do the making shaking 100 youtubers hands and also airrack was there and logan shouted I love you airrack!!

  • Lemønade_Sügar

    I’m from Florida it is HOT🥵

  • DaveRgcz98

    Wait your from Virginia

  • Garasu

    Person: enjoy! Plainrock: yuuuuuu

  • Tracey tedder
    Tracey tedder

    Why you bully me I live in Florida jerk

  • Joey Sosa
    Joey Sosa

    They are always shushing when I'm always seeing these boxing matches

  • Levi Yancsurak
    Levi Yancsurak

    I live in Florida lol

  • nickmoney

    Can't believe you went to the Tanacon of boxing events without even knowing.

  • Yasneli Devesa
    Yasneli Devesa

    Dude That stadium is in Miami and right next to my house!!!! It’s bye a Denny’s

  • Roblox Gamer
    Roblox Gamer

    Florida is a gun itself


    8:50 Lookin a lil SUS

  • DoctorHappy

    7:47 mario kart lied

  • Plane gall and city gall
    Plane gall and city gall

    What you mean florida is weird

  • manuela doerring
    manuela doerring

    "Florida is weird" yes. Is this news to you?

  • MogulMinister

    It always is.

  • Christopher Piloto
    Christopher Piloto

    Ok so I just realized I live very close to the Florida hotel he stayed atw

  • Bat review
    Bat review

    Youwere in a UZmilkrs video named fadez

    • Bat review
      Bat review

      I didn’t finish my comment he was in a wheelchair and you shook his hand

  • Wright Boys
    Wright Boys


  • DHP Of Davao
    DHP Of Davao

    1:46 Fun Fact: In 2013 Some dude named Stephen Ross, wanted the Miami-Dade County to pay for renovations for Hard Rock Stadium just so the Dolphins(the team that occupies the stadium) could stay in that area. When the county said no, he paid for it himself, so I'm guessing the roof for the bleachers was all he could afford.

  • Muiz

    6:23 But you have a tesla so just let it drive for you lol.

  • Mister SoMeister Backup
    Mister SoMeister Backup

    Florida is relaxing

  • Noriaki Kakyōin
    Noriaki Kakyōin

    so glad you were down here in florida, hope you had a good time.

  • Boss Coins
    Boss Coins

    I can agree (This comes from a former Floridian).

  • Rayyan The Dracula leader
    Rayyan The Dracula leader

    8:24 sanfo

  • The Blue Dude
    The Blue Dude

    nice title for 200th video rockplain

  • Josepher Camilo's World Cartoon's And Gaming
    Josepher Camilo's World Cartoon's And Gaming

    Hey plainrock124 I did not Know You Were going to florida

    • CoolMarioBros

      My town is Lakeland but is also Polk County

    • Josepher Camilo's World Cartoon's And Gaming
      Josepher Camilo's World Cartoon's And Gaming

      @CoolMarioBros I live in homestead

    • CoolMarioBros

      @Josepher Camilo's World Cartoon's And Gaming it depends what town do you live in I live in Lakeland

    • Josepher Camilo's World Cartoon's And Gaming
      Josepher Camilo's World Cartoon's And Gaming

      @CoolMarioBros I do live in Florida

    • CoolMarioBros

      I do

  • Bowedfrog

    Hi I subscribed

  • Just hacking Around
    Just hacking Around

    At least your hotel didn't collapse

  • Yessssss

    Was there red tide?

  • SO64 2
    SO64 2

    I live in Florida lol

  • KuribohTheShadox

    It’s ok he probably killed a gator but forgot to record

  • MatrixBix

    MAN was in folrida when the condo collpased.

  • TheChillGamer

    He is in the perfect place for a virgin

  • Goku Black Rose
    Goku Black Rose

    Florida is a gun shaped state

  • 🧊  HIBOISo / Francisca the Ice Mage❄
    🧊 HIBOISo / Francisca the Ice Mage❄

    Where's waldo?

  • windows 10=bsod
    windows 10=bsod

    Plainrock wanted to youtube to win

  • Jesse Gaither
    Jesse Gaither

    I only live 2 hours north of hard rock stadium.

  • Jesse Gaither
    Jesse Gaither

    I live in Florida.

    • CoolMarioBros

      I live in Florida to I live in Lakeland Florida

  • Dane-o The Tornado  ☑️
    Dane-o The Tornado ☑️

    Did you see a fat man who had a red beard and a woman with blonde hair. Hint: My old man and women

  • Antonio Hale
    Antonio Hale

    I live in florida

  • Village scenery
    Village scenery

    Hey bro,are you even alive?Long time no videos.

  • Jared Arneecher
    Jared Arneecher

    Where did you get the Nintendo stickers for your AirPods -day 1

  • Luca Life
    Luca Life

    POV he was in your city and you didn’t even know

  • Adam The Blue Yoshi
    Adam The Blue Yoshi

    A train is good in my opinion it’s also very scenic but I can understand if you don’t like it also subscribed

  • Dex

    I went on the same train and the same route (Florida to Virginia)

  • ✍︎ D̑̈ Ȃ̈ Ȋ̈ S̑̈ Ȇ̈ Y̑̈ ✍︎
    ✍︎ D̑̈ Ȃ̈ Ȋ̈ S̑̈ Ȇ̈ Y̑̈ ✍︎

    Oh the tiktokers vs UZmilkrs boxing thing was in Florida

  • Game Play Boy
    Game Play Boy

    9:38 You Are 5G

  • MinerOFDuty


  • bluebird

    He said Virginia the capital for virgins

  • Carter Gerlach
    Carter Gerlach

    welcome to my home


    are you going to do a Q/A when this channel hits million subscribers just like you did when this channel hit 1000 subscribers?

  • A5

    Blink-182k views

  • GamSucks

    Migos be like: Let's make PlainrockVlogs deaf.

  • lyrics the songs
    lyrics the songs


  • Giantastic 24
    Giantastic 24

    I miss his hair

  • Rev Ulsion
    Rev Ulsion

    I love the beach a lot

  • Acid22_

    The question mark at the end of the National Anthem is actually intentional, since the song was created in the war of 1812, the song was written using old English.


    In the video how much apple stuf do I have you said that you have 50% nintedo 40% apple and 10% who cares . Do a new video called how much who cares stuf do I have ( no apple , no nintendo) and put them all in to the bathroom. PLEASE DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jail pro0
    jail pro0

    Your channels dying we need you back!!!

  • Gunnar M As Rtin
    Gunnar M As Rtin

    Hi 🏳️🏳️‍🌈

  • idk what to call this channel lol
    idk what to call this channel lol

    Me: is logan naked or is that a naked shirt Logan: its a naked shirt Me: bruh.................................

  • Jess Davis
    Jess Davis

    I am in virginia

  • DumPum

    Ur mom

  • BillcipherChannel?

    I live in Florida and can I have all of your plushies? Plzz

  • Saba Kereselidze UR
    Saba Kereselidze UR

    Can you see a country of Georgia??? Cause i live in there and i do highly recommend this will be AMAZING trip for your life.

  • Idho_kung

    "my stay there was at a beach resort , cuz i like bitches"

  • Batterys

    I live in Virginia

  • Hongkham Luangrath
    Hongkham Luangrath


  • Ming Huhai gaming 64 yt
    Ming Huhai gaming 64 yt

    $0 $u$

  • Ming Huhai gaming 64 yt
    Ming Huhai gaming 64 yt

    H0w D@r€ ¥0u


    Hey king you should make a video you want to BTS concert in Dallas Texas tickets are not out yet it's postpond right now when a time has set that'll be a great video the one that you did and the Jake Paul concert do it by BTS

  • spookylfa.mp7

    Can you try to go in italy,umbria?

  • Sahana Umakanth
    Sahana Umakanth

    what if someone hits your computer screen, what would do? Options buying a Acer or a macbook

  • Smashking383

    bruv i was literally in VA when this was uploaded

  • BobMarley

    Bruh I haven't watched you in a year and bro. You look like Waldo.

  • xd Oreo Milk
    xd Oreo Milk

    3:30 cmon plainrock ur better then this..

  • The Winx Gamer
    The Winx Gamer

    Never been to Florida and I don't live in the US I live in Taiwan

  • Z-HÍ_MØ

    You say "Hey Guys" to much

  • RylanAl Joe
    RylanAl Joe

    Play Rock I'm going to give you a water radio when I give you away when I grow up I'm only no I'ma big kid

  • DeBoss62

    Bro how is a train from Florida to richmond 18 hours? I drove there in 8 you’d think a train would be way faster

  • I exist :D
    I exist :D

    Also ded

  • Tangie G
    Tangie G

    Yo the fight was in hard rock stadium aka the super bowl place super bowl 54 pat and the cheifs vs Jimmy g and the 49ers

  • Darkaxelgaming 2004
    Darkaxelgaming 2004

    Nintendo switch oled has been announced

  • castlevaniaus trhunus
    castlevaniaus trhunus

    That's because how can you be in Virginia without crossing Plano?

    • Ho Truong
      Ho Truong

      Better not to come to Plano King

  • castlevaniaus trhunus
    castlevaniaus trhunus

    Wait a minute, Did you mother****ing come to the Plano? How dare you?

  • castlevaniaus trhunus
    castlevaniaus trhunus

    Only VISA is accepted in costco both offline and online, Not only that,it can work in the Gas station and car wash like the debit cards and the costco shop cards

  • castlevaniaus trhunus
    castlevaniaus trhunus

    Heh,MCard and DISCOVER/DINERS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL Won`t work in Costco offline.

  • James McWilliams
    James McWilliams

    Stop being popular

  • Miibo

    Petition for 50 or 25 ways to break a Nintendo Switch Oled

  • Dragon Balls 4500 million septillion quadrillion
    Dragon Balls 4500 million septillion quadrillion

    Why are you not posting anymore in your other channel I haven't seen a bored smashing video ever since that video that you made it's been like six days in your having still uploaded there

  • The Number Juan YouTuber
    The Number Juan YouTuber

    Wait, KING!!! PBS IS BASED IN VIRGINA! ANY PBS IS RELATED TO EDUCATION!!! AVOID SCHOOL RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!! (Unless if You Like School.........)

  • whipperZ

    11k like les gooo

  • LionStrikes-Gameplays

    Sooooo I have a question: Do you like sonic the hedgehog?